Vaclav Have Bust, bronze, by Lubomir Janecka
Lubomir created the Vaclav Havel bust and pedestal for US Congress in  2012 through 2014. Here are a few  photos taken
during this process through its journey to the Freedom Foyer in 2014.
The Art of Lubomir Janecka
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Lubomir Janecka finishing the granite pedestal for the US Capitol.
Lubomir Janecka making the final details on his Vaclav Havel Bust.
The Statuary Hall of the US Capitol after the unveiling, November 2014. From left: Ludmila Janecka (wife), Ludmila Kissi (daughter), Lubmir Janecka, Jan
Janecka (son)
VH bust in the Freedom Foyer of the US Capitol. Inset: L. Janecka installing the bust for the dedication ceremony in the Statuary Hall of the US Capitol..