"His drawings...became an exciting
diary of the author's search for the
purpose of our actions and the meaning
of the events that enter our lives
uninvited....The drawings are intense
and beautiful."

-- Jana Orlikova
Former curator of the
Department of Drawings, National
Gallery,  Prague, Czech Republic

Lubomir Janecka is a Czech-American
sculptor. He developed as an artist during
the oppressive period of  "normalization"
that occurred after the 1968 Soviet invasion
of Czechoslovakia. He is considered one of
the most talented Czech artists of his
The Art of Lubomir Janecka

Lubomir Janecka graduated in 1975 from The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague,
which is the oldest and most prestigious academic art institution in Czech
Republic. Despite graduating as an Academic Sculptor, he had to find less
expensive media for expressing his ideas, feelings and talent because of the
persecution and harassment of artists by the Czechoslovakian communists and
their ideologues.  At that time, Janecka started drawing and painting, and over the
years he perfected a very distinctive style. His unique use of the paper medium,
incorporating materials such as gold, ash, and indentation patterns, enable him to
create drawings with unrivaled complexity and dimension.

As well as his drawings, Lubomir Janecka's sculptures are also flawlessly executed
and very unique. Janecka's artistic and technical creativity are admired by both his
peers and art critics. When he participates in group projects and symposia, he
earns great respect from his colleagues and sponsors for his originality and
technical skill. He has mastered many different media, and is adept at working with
stone, wood, clay and metal. A strong artistic message, impeccably executed, is
typical of a Janecka work. Thank you for visiting our website.
The Art of Lubomir Janecka
Lubomir J. Janecka, Czech-American Sculptor
"Courage" by Lubomir Janecka
He rejected communism and its ideology, and refused to conform to the
Communists controlling the country at that time. As a direct result of this, he was
forced to leave his homeland in 1984 with his wife Ludmila and their three young
children. The Janecka family immigrated to the United States in 1985, where they
settled and currently reside.
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October 2013 - Zone, group
exhibition, North Bohemian
Gallery, Litomerice, CZ

December 2012 - Vaclav Havel
exhibition, Military Museum,
Prague, CZ
Photo: VH bust in the Military Museum

October 2012 - V. Havel bust was
placed in the Council of Europe,
Strasburg, France
Photo: from the left: Czech Ambassador
T. Bocek, General Secretary of the
Council of Europe T. Jagland

March 2017 -  Janecka installed
the third cast of his Vaclav Havel
bust in the former St. Ann's
church, now Prague Crossroads
Center, run by Vaclav and Dagmar
Havel Foundation Vize 97.

November 2016 - Vaclav Havel 80,
exhibition, Prague Crossroads
Center, Prague, CZ

October 2016 - Vaclav Havel
Anniversary, Heart of Prague,
exhibition, Gallery One, Prague, CZ

October 2015 - The Bronzes and
the Drawings, exhibition,
J. Jilek Gallery, Sumperk, CZ

November 2014 - Vaclav Havel
bust was unveiled in the Statuary
Hall of the US Capitol and placed in
the Freedom Foyer ( small House
Rotunda). Speakers at the
dedication ceremony included
Speaker John Boehner, House
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,
Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav
Sobotka, and there was a
performance by ZZ Top's Billy
Gibbons. See the
Speaker of the
House website
Photo: Speaker of the House John
Boehner at the dedication.
"It's so wonderful that this beautiful
sculpture [
Vaclav Havel Bust] will grace
the halls of Congress. I commend the
sculptor for his beautiful work and the
remarkable likeness."

-- Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader
(Excerpt from her speech during the
Vaclav Havel Bust Dedication Ceremony
at the US Capitol on 19 Nov 2014)